Answer of your leaving message
My AR3S cameras are supposed to have amaryllo platinum for a year (Till around July 2018) but they have stopped giving AI alerts. You assistance is appreciated.

Also is there a way to download a video clip directly from the Camera in iOS?

2017-11-30 21:58:53****************************************
About an hour after I sent this message yesterday, AI alerts started working properly again. Thanks

by Travis Kittlitz

Dear Travis, thank you for contacting.
After checking the server logs,
1. It seems that you do not receive any type of alerts, correct?
2. When did this happen?
3. Could you please turn on the audio detection to try if you could
receive the audio alert?

For the download question:
- For the alert notification : click on the notification and bottom
right, you could see the export option icon.
- For the cloud video files, for iOS, because our Amaryllo
app->Service(the access to the cloud drive) now is not functioning.
So, the current workaround is use the Google drive app to access and
manage the cloud files. (in the shared with me folder). Sorry for the

Thank you