Answer of your leaving message
I got a new phone and can't get it to connect with the camera. I've even tried rebooting the camera ?
Any suggestions ?

by Jeff

Dear Jeff, thank you for contacting.

Two scenarios here:

1. S 1 -
A. If the old phone i6 is still there with the installed camera app, please go the Amaryllo APP -> Setting -> Administrative QR code -> QR code B. Then, for the new phone N8 downloads the Amaryllo app, open it, on the 1st page “What Amaryllo product are you installing” : in the bottom right “ Retrieve access from installed device”, click on it.
The new phone will go to camera preview-like screen. And use this screen to scan the QR code (A) from the old phone. Done.
This is called Administration right sharing. Yes, you can use this method for many mobile devices to access the camera as needed.

PS. If you only want to share the live-view right, nothing else (setting, notification receiving … etc), the QR code is similar with A. you can get it
from Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Viewer list -> + -> App

2. S 2 -
If the old phone is not available anymore; then, camera a hardware reset and reinstallation on N8 is needed.

Hope this helps