Answer of your leaving message
I've been using my Patio since I bought it through your kickstarter campaign. My camera is running on firmware v4.1.2. I frequently get the message to upgrade to firmware v4.3.2 but it always fails after download. Camera and phone where on the same wifi network. What can I do to get to the latest firmware? since it is a Patio mode the camera is sealed so I can't remove the sd card without breaking the seal and make it less waterproof.

2017-12-01 10:08:34****************************************
Thanks for your quick reply. The camera works ok. I am going to ignore the upgrade massages for now.

by Merijn Bolhuis

Dear Merijn, thank you for the mail. The situation does not sound good. The last thing we can try is the hardware reset and reinstall the camera, but it carries the risk to speed up the defective symptoms. Therefore, it is up to you if you want to do it if the camera is still workable. If the camera does not work well now, then, you may take the last shot. Thank you