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I have an iCamPRO that is no longer under warranty. The USB port on the camera is broken. I took it apart and saw that the port was broken and it will no longer power up. The small connector actually broke off of the circuit board. Is it possible for me to purchase the small circuit board that the USB port is on? I am certain that would resolve the issue. The serial number of my unit is 5151A05160712003

2017-12-12 14:02:04****************************************
I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. USA. The camera is perfectly good with the exception of the USB port. It would be a waste to throw this away just because of a broken port. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Rick Maringo

2017-12-20 14:31:21****************************************
Thank you for getting back to me on my request. I ended up fixing it myself by removing the broken USB connector from the circuit board and soldering two wires from the USB cable directly to the circuit board. It is now in good working order. Thank you again for your support.

by Rick Maringo

Dear Rick, thank you for contacting.
Not sure if we could do it. Internal will discuss it. May we know which country and city you are?

Dear Rick, thank you for waiting. Under this understanding, we are able to support this chargeable parts to you.

1. No warranty for this sell
2. Quotation
- IO Board : NT$ = 162
- Logistic : : NT$ 727
Total : NT$ 889 = US $ 30
As you can see the logistic is much higher than the material itself. Please consider and justify it and keep us updated.

Dear Rick, welcome. Thank you and acknowledged. Good skill level and job done there for the iron soldering. Happy for you.