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How do I setup Google drive?
Have already inserted and formatted a microSD.
When clicking ‘settings-Google account’ - selecting my account; Amaryllo services are offered.
Just want camera images to be stored at Google drive without any paid services.
Please provide guidelines for setting this up.

2017-12-14 18:27:50****************************************
Have done so, though the Google Drive logo is not replacing the Services button logo in the amaryllo app.
Every time when I click the Services button I have to re-select the Google Drive option, which brings me to the Google Drive folder, without any further options to click on.
Please provide me a step plan for installing Google Drive.
Many thanks,

by Jan Willem

Dear Jan, thank you for contacting. The steps you experienced are correct. Just ignore/skip all credit card/subscription information pages and move on. It will be good to go for personal Google drive.

Dear, as long as your gmail account is input, the uploading should have started. When clicking the Service, it always show options to (re-)select, it is our design (not that logical, I know). Select Google drive and see if any content uploaded.