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Why is my iSensor HD getting offline every 3 days?
After round about 3 days my camera is loosing its wifi connection. After rebooting it is working fine again - for only few days. In the log I can see that sometimes the camera looses the wifi connection, restores it, looses it again, restores and remains online. Sometimes the camery remains offline until reboot. A behavior like this is unacceptable.
Is there an explanation and bugfix? It seems to be a known issue.

2018-01-19 15:41:13****************************************
Hello Support,
in the meantime I tried to fix the loss of the wifi connectivity by resetting the camera. Unfortunately, it is not getting better. The camera is still loosing the connection after some days. What needs to be done to get the camera replaced?
Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

by Beinhoelzl

Dear Thomas, thank you for contacting.
For this symptom :
If we are sure the camera has a good connection with the wifi station. Then, the only thing we could try is : Hardware reset and reinstall.

If the symptom continues, it has the possibility that the hardware may have a defective inside. Thank you.

Dear, if you are the the surrounding internet is good as usual, then, the hardware may be suspected as defective. I will send you another email to follow up with it. Thank you.