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This unit was working just fine a few days ago. I has even received the updated app that allowed both my ATOM and ATOM AR2 to be view at the same time. I was checking them today, and the AR2 did not work. I reset it, plugged it back in, the unit cycled through and shut off again. Attempted to register it again, it did not register. As if the wifi unit is out on the camera. The ATOM continues to opperate just fine. Any suggestions?

2017-12-19 15:59:35****************************************
It will not connect to internet. It attempts to connect to my 5G instead of 2.4G, however once this step is complete, it never connects. The camera itself appears to be functioning without the internet. IR light up in dark, go off in light. The camera lens tracks me as I move within its range. I have no way of view its content without a connetion to my network. I will check to see if its some sort of compatablitiy with my Galaxy Note 8. However, i do not think that is the issues because I am connected to the AMID that is on the network and functioning properly. The blue light is solid and green light flashing couple times a second. Was not able to connect with different device. Now what? At $300 plus, I don't want to purchase another one, especially if the life span is a couple years.

2017-12-19 16:01:53****************************************
I forgot to mention that all steps followed. The camera performed as you states in the PS portion of your last message.

2017-12-20 12:16:27****************************************
I did not reset hardware after refuilding firmware. My instructions told me to reset hardware before rebuilding the firware. So I can try that. The camera had been removed and added by many time after each successful step. I even added it to an app that had no cameras on it. I was able to successfully add the AMOD after attempting to add the deluxe ADOM AR2 twice. I have not attempted to add by the WPS and QR did not work.

2017-12-21 13:03:53****************************************
So send it in for repair?

2017-12-23 00:55:35****************************************
Will no one respond to this thread any longer? What is the next step? I would like camera coverage again asap.

2017-12-25 13:56:45****************************************
Let me know the international cross border chargeable repair services you recommend so I can contact them. Also, if a part comes to mind that requires a little skill, I have some training with soldering and working with small parts. I could replace it myself. Provide me with the information required to send payment for the part.
I'd also be willing to make a deal. I would purchase a new ATOM AR2 if you would repair the one I currently own for no charge. I'd be willing to pay for shipping. Let me know if this would be an option.

2017-12-26 17:52:03****************************************
So the issue is, the unit will not connect to 2.4G WIFI connection the other unit is connected to. Let me know if there is anything elso I can do to get this unit connected. If not, sounds as though I need to stick with companies in the US.

Thank you.

2017-12-27 00:33:48****************************************
What is going on! My second camera, which up to this point was working as expected, suddenly disconnected from the wifi and will not connect. It is tracking. The green light is flashing. The IR led's are lit. But I cannot connect with the app. Are you sabotaging the products in the US for some reason? The last firmware update, is this the issue? I have almost $600 in camera's with amaryllo's name on them that are not connecting. Please consider this an urgent fix.

2017-12-27 12:05:29****************************************
I camera that was functioning? I was checking alerts. I received several within a couple hours. I went to check that last one sent. It was having issues connecting. I closed the app and restarted it. The icon on the app that registered red when in private mode, green when active mode was now gray. It would not connect. I went to the camera itself, it was moving, LED IR lights on, green light blinking. I did not change anything. WIFI that it had been connected to from the time I initialized them and added to my network. The first one went down a couple days after a firmware update. Now the second one is gone. Your company is all about the revenue, not about the patrons/clients. I'll send both of these items back to you no change. Keep it. I'll purchase quality product, not the trash Amaryllo sells. Give me your address to mail the trash back to you. Keep all your pressious money! See how far it takes you after you leave life.

2018-01-02 13:56:46****************************************
I attempted to connect to my network using all methods. These cameras are no longer compatible with my home network. Send me amaryllo mailing address and I will send your camera back to you with no charge to you. You can keep them. I recommend you find out what the problem is so you can help other customers with this issue. I will be replacing these units with superior to protect my home and family.

Thank you.

Henry Elliott

2018-01-03 13:39:23****************************************
Do not send the units back.

by Henry Elliott

Dear Henry, thank you for contacting.

1. When doing the hardware reset, what is the result ?

If the camera failed to response to hardware reset ( = blue light blinking to wait for new installation ), we may need to perform the manual firmware rebuilding

A. Please must use this tool to format the SD card on PC
Rebuild the firmware from the external SD card : 
This is a manual re-build firmware procedure for your reference
(recovery and cure rate is more than 90% )
Download file [PC]
- Uncompress/unzip it to root directory of a MicroSD card [PC->SD]
- Insert the card to iCam or iBabi
- Plug power cord of it. CAM will auto detect the codes in the Card
to do the update ( blue light is on )
D. Auto motor calibration/rotation (About 40~50 seconds)
- Wait till front blue led is blinking. (About 2-3 minutes)
- Unplug power cord
- Take card out.
- Plug power cord again and the blue led will keep blink ( waiting for installation )

Installation: / If you are successful, please erase the card for normal use.

PS – this is what you see during the process
Insert the card with unzipped files
Plug in power
Short beep ( camera detect and read the files ) in 5 seconds
After about 40 seconds
Two short beeps ( writing complete )
Blue and Green lights blinking – done ( wrote in )
Unplug the power
Remove the SD and erase it

Dear Henry, thank you for update. The green light flashing means it could not connect to the router successfully, keep searching mode. If possible, we may need to cross check with a 2.4G only router to see if it is camera issue or the others. Knowing it is odd that another one camera is working well. However, if the manual rebuild firmware could not fix the symptom, we may need to try/think another way to test it then. Also, if we hardware reset the camera, we always needs to remove the installed camera on the app, and add a new camera by QR/WPS again. Thank you

Dear Henry, the warranty expired on July, 2017. Therefore, if you have tried all remote support methods, but no success. You may consider and justify an international cross border chargeable repair service. Please keep us updated for the decision. Thank you

Dear Henry, thank you for the mail. Let's go back to the original symptom. The camera itself is functioning well, but no wifi connection, correct? In this case, there is a chance the camera is not defective. If it is not defective, then, every money spent for a repair would be costly. Therefore, would you please test it more to see if the connection could be recovered?

If you are sure it does not work, then, let us know if you like to go into the RMA procedure. Sorry, we run the standard procedure without any options. I will check it for you if a new buy could save some logistic cost together with the repaired camera return back. ( not likely )

Thank you

Dear Henry, is there anything change for the router and wifi? Also, please kindly check the SD card if format-able by PC.

Again, the manual SD firmware rebuilding cure rate is quite high by all experience. The green light blinking means can not find or connect to the router. It is a good try if you can find another wifi to cross check/verify.
The chance for both ATOM and AR2 are defective same time is truly quite low, especially for the same symptom.

Therefore : still suggest :

1. For camera, perform the firmware rebuilding to blue light
blinking- no green light (waiting for installation mode )
If this mode reached, no need to do it again.

2. For wifi connection, (green light), we shall check and test all
possible ways to see if the connection could be recovered.
1. Another wifi
2. Router reboot

Thank you

Dear Henry, if you like us to check and analyze the products for the symptoms, we will provide you the RMA procedures today to justify and consider it. Thank you