Answer of your leaving message
I have questions about multi-viewing with tablet devices and PCs:

I found a new feature "Multiview" on Android app (ver.1.6.1) recently.
- How many cameras can the feature display at the same time?
- The video quality is also adjusted automatically in the multi-viewing, right? What is the lowest to be adjusted? (360p?).
- When is it released on iOS app?

When browser viewing, (FireFox is OK but) Chrome has been in trouble these days.
It won't open any camera and sometimes with the message "Device is occupied by another user" though no one is probably using it.
Please give me an answer to solve the Chrome problem.

by Tatsuya Namiki

Dear Namiki san, thank you for contacting. It is a new feature released.
1. Not defined yet. I have tested up to 18. 9 each page. It runs OK.
2. Yes, in fact, the view comes from the original mobile live view,
but making it smaller. Yes, same.
3. Under testing. Target by E of Dec.
Yes, we notice the Chrome is in trouble. We are trying to fix it. I
will redirect this message to the development team to know.

Thank you