Answer of your leaving message
I am only able to see 24 hours recordings.
I have Amaryllo Cloud Platin subscription?
Should I use Amaryllo Cloud or Google Drive? What i the right choice?
I have payed for Amaryllo Cloud Platin and I belived I shoud be able to use the Amaryllo Cloud.
I have tried both Amaryllo Cloud and Goggle Drive.
I thought I would be able to see recording for 365 days. It has not been possible for me yet for a long time.
Boot cameras are upgraded to firmware 4.3.3 and restarted
What is wrong?
Best regards
Michael Frandsen, Denmark :-)

2017-12-22 12:36:52****************************************
I am not able to upload sceern captures in this message windows.
I have the following things:
Recording section:
Upload storage= Amaryllo Cloud
Amaryllo Cloud section:
Amaryllo Cloud subscription= Platin
Amaryllo Cloud Services icon= When I press the Services icon it shows no video files.
What can be wrong? It is the same problem for both cameras iCRb0aa9j and iCRb0aa9g
Best regards and Merry Christmas

by Michael Frandsen

Dear Michael, thank you for contacting. After checking, you are correct.
CRb0aa9j: one year free Platinum Plan from 2017-03-23.
iCRb0aa9g: one year free Platinum Plan from 2017-03-23.
1. Please screen capture the Amaryllo app - recording, upload pages and
Amaryllo cloud pages (it should show Platinum)
2. The Amaryllo cloud should be the one until 2018-03-23 instead of
Google drive.

Thank you

Dear Michael, Merry X'mas. Let's use to communicate if it needs the file attachment.

I will send you a mail first to show the settings to verify first. Thank you.