Answer of your leaving message
There is a connection problem, and an error message is always appears to have a connection problem to the server. What’s wrong with my webcam? And the server?

2017-12-27 05:03:50****************************************
There is another issuers that the device seems always offline but the green light is on.
If I remember correctly, the error code is 105

2017-12-27 05:20:01****************************************
It said, there is an error while assessing the server (10), I wonder what’s wrong with the server ? And actually which server ? My internet server or the webcam server ??

2017-12-27 05:23:08****************************************
I couldn’t get into setting and actually I tried reset yesterday two times, and it works for a short period but failed again today.

2017-12-27 05:45:59****************************************
Ok thanks. I will Try tonight .

2017-12-28 16:50:30****************************************
Thanks for your information about the manual firmware rebuild but it doesn’t work. I did what exactly you told me about downloading the zip file and unzip to the SD card. The iCamPro started to reboot but the blue led light never blink. The system is still not working properly, the status on my phone apps showed the iCamPro is offline and online randomly and every the green light is on, it’s still not able to connect and everytime it stopped at 80% loading and the error message appears. Even though I occasionally able to connect to the iCamPro it drops out very quickly and never connected again. Please kindly help, I bought this iCamPro within this year and I wonder if there is somewhere I can go to in Hong Kong, so that someone can check and fix this problem for me. Thank you very much.

by Nelson Chang

Dear Nelson, thank you for the mail.

1. Is the error shown when accessing the live view or setting ?
2. Is the error code -1001 shown ?
3. If you could go into Amaryllo setting, please back up the Admin QR
code. (screenshot or email) / Then, delete the camera from the APP
sliding toolbar / Add a camera / Press the "Retrieve access from
installed device" on the first page and quick install the camera to

Thank you

Please try the hardware reset first if previous reply does not work. If hardware reset does not recover it; then, we try the last method : manual firmware rebuild to see.

See. Let's do the manual firmware rebuild. (SD health is also an important check point)

A. Please must use this tool to format the SD card on PC
Rebuild the firmware from the external SD card : n This is a manual re-build firmware procedure for your reference (recovery and cure rate is more than 90% ) Download file [PC]
- Uncompress/unzip it to root directory of a MicroSD card [PC->SD]
- Insert the card to iCam or iBabi
- Plug power cord of it. CAM will auto detect the codes in the Card
to do the update ( blue light is on )
D. Auto motor calibration/rotation (About 40~50 seconds)
- Wait till front blue led is blinking. (About 2-3 minutes)
- Unplug power cord
- Take card out.
- Plug power cord again and the blue led will keep blink ( waiting for installation )

Installation: / If you are successful, please erase the card for normal use.

PS – this is what you see during the process Insert the card with unzipped files Plug in power Short beep ( camera detect and read the files ) in 5 seconds After about 40 seconds Two short beeps ( writing complete ) Blue and Green lights blinking – done ( wrote in ) Unplug the power Remove the SD and erase it.

Dear Nelson, thank you for feedback.

0. Reboot the router
1. Please kindly check the camera AC and cable first.
Use another set to cross check. (5V2A)
2. ** Use Speedtest app to test the upload speed of wifi there.
(upload needs > 1.5M)
3. At last, let's check the manual firmware rebuild. The files
needs to be in the ROOT directory of a healthy SD card, not
under any folder.
3.1 Can you hear a beep when power on the camera with the
recovery SD ? ( it means card read )
3.2 After this beep (if there is), does the camera perform the
motor calibration/rotation ?
Thank you
PS. We are in Taiwan