Answer of your leaving message
Dear support-team,
since nearly 2 hours all our cams are offline. Even the one that is connected via LAN (see above AMID) is offline.
Our cams are in diffrent locations. Our Wifi as well as our LAN do work in these locations. Any help? What happened? I get notice 'access denied contact support of Amaryllo'. Please help.

2018-01-05 09:33:37****************************************
Thanks guys, everything is fine again. Since yesterday late night CET zone.

by Marco

Dear Marco, thank you for contacting.

After checking, our server had few hours breakdown at some level which may cause this inactive or offline symptom. (temporary)

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We have tried to correct it completely couple hours ago.
Please no worry for the video uploading. When the cloud is connected, the previous recording in the camera will be uploaded automatically ASAP.

Please kindly check it again (camera reboot if needed) if the connection and setting is back smooth and good. Thank you