Answer of your leaving message
My account was for a free trial. Now that it has ended, the Free Basic plan is inactive now.
Please let me know why I am not getting the recordings in amaryllo cloud viewer.
The last recording in Amaryllo Cloud Viewer is from December 26, 2017.
In the app settings/Recording, the Amaryllo Cloud Plan is INACTIVE.
How can I active it in the free mode?
The recording is on and the SD card is Good, but 98% used.
Should I need to format the card, so that it will start recording and so that I can get the 24 hrs recording (as it is for the free plan)?
Ivonne Bertran

2018-01-05 17:05:23****************************************
How can I get the 24 hour cloud.( Free) as it used to be?
I just paid for the smart plan, but now I see that it doesn't include cloud storage. I got confused with the 7 day video alert... That I don't know what's that....
Did you change your plans?
For more than 2-3 years I have been using the free 24 cloud storage.
I paid for a plan that doesn't work for me, and still inactive.
Please help

by Ivonne Bertran

Dear Ivonne, thank you for contacting.

After checking, our record shows:
1. This AMID does not have the 24 hour cloud basic program.
2. This AMID has been subscribed with 10 second smart video alert.

Any question or confusion, please?