Answer of your leaving message
icam stopt responding so i took the power off and let is calibrate it is now stuk in calibration process and keeps moving in steps of a few mm at a time then stops again for 30 seconds and so on
i have tryed to update the firmware via sd card with the same result
pressing the reset button has no effect

2018-01-10 19:27:34****************************************
So what u are telling me is that my camera is not repairable ?
owning three icams this one has been the one always giving trouble even when it was brand new
if this is the way amaryllo customer support works in future no more amaryllo products for me

2018-01-11 19:10:20****************************************
i have solved it myself the camera works again with a different power source so the camera is not hardware defective like u said

by kurt

Dear Kurt, thank you for kind waiting. If the camera can not complete the auto motor calibration, it could not go to 'waiting for installation' mode after hardware reset or manual firmware update. Also, if it has the problem for the motor calibration, mostly likely, it is a hardware defective. Thank you for kind understanding

It is repairable if defective is verified. If you like to start the RMA process, let us know after justifying it. Thank you

Thank you very much for sharing. We learn this experience with you as well.