Answer of your leaving message
I can no longer view the camera live on the browser, either Chrome or Firefox.. After loading, the display area for the camera remains grey, then after a few moments, I get the error message "streaming video time out", then it has a 5 second count down and then reloads, but still nothing is displayed..
I can connect to the camera and see the video from the android app without any problems.

2018-01-08 09:36:56****************************************
I just tried the "Public" cameras, and they are also blank for me, both on Chrome and Firefox. I am using a Macbook Air, but I also tried browsing to my camera on a Chrome browser on a Windows 10 laptop, and it is also blank...

by Gregory Wee

Dear Gregory, thank you for contacting.
We have tested the Firefox with 4 cameras here. It is still normal and ok. Could you please check the live 'Public' cameras to see if it is visible. Thank you.

Still can not duplicate the symptom here. Any progress there?