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I am having trouble with one of my AR3S Camera's.

In the cold below -20C it just gives me a black screen and doesn't capture motion or activity at all.

My other AR3S works fine in the Cold. Your help is appreciated.

2018-01-12 16:15:31****************************************
1. Both the front LED's are on.
After doing a power cycle I got it to come back but it refuses to switch in to night vision mode.

Here are some photos

The totally black picture is what I was getting yesterday. The other pics show some spots of light at night. And one pic is from early this morning with a bit of sun. So I am sure the night vision is not switching on.

by Travis Kittlitz

Dear Travis, thank you for contacting. The symptom is tough to provide suggestions.

1. What is the front led (blue and green) status, both are still
on still ?
2. Sounds like the live view and motion sensor is down, but
recording and setting is still accessible and working good ?

If it does not recover by itself w/wo the understandable reasons, the hardware reset and reinstall may be the final option for us to try.


Dear Travis, thank you for update. Could you please provide more pictures day and night, especially day time for reference? The IR cut does not look like as the shadow shape of pictures provided. Need more to check. Thank you. If OK, a admin/viewer QR code to share to will be helpful.