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Answer of your leaving message
I was just billed for a year for two subscriptions to your platinum service. I didn’t receive any notice of this ahead of time. I no longer own these cameras and want my subscriptions cancelled and my money refunded. The subscription period hasn’t even started as I just received the invoice. Please refund both invoice 1515642181 and 1515642230. I will keep my Gold plan with another camera that is still active. Thank you.

2018-01-11 04:15:31****************************************
I plan to purchase new cameras and use your service again once I move into a new apartment. The last cameras were sold with my old apartment.

2018-01-11 08:50:41****************************************
Yes, I will go ahead and buy the cameras. Should I paste the invoice number here to transfer the subscription?

2018-01-11 09:00:36****************************************
Yes. Do I post the invoice number here to transfer the service?

2018-01-11 09:20:13****************************************
Great. Thank you. I don’t know the old device numbers. But my gmail account is The order was just placed. The two new devices (I don’t know their numbers) are on the following order:
Order Number 1515661538
Transaction No. 2000001567
Auth. Response Time 2018-01-11 09:07:44
Transaction Successful

2018-01-11 09:46:49****************************************
Thank you! I really appreciate your help.

2018-03-19 11:36:35****************************************
Hi. My two platinum accounts have not been moved to my new cameras. I just set up one in my new apartment. And I still see the account attached to the two cameras that I no longer own. Is it possible to please move my two platinum accounts to the two new devices I purchased? Thank you.

2018-03-20 08:09:24****************************************
No, unfortunately it is still not working.

I am playing with iCRa0bb8i, and itnstill does not have a plan. But I show still my old camera have a platinum plan each. So it isn’t switching for some reason.

Thank you.

2018-03-20 10:03:16****************************************
I have never purchased ATOM AR2 White E27*1 - iCRa0bc5y. The code you have above is the code for my AR2.... My ATOM White is in Dubai, so I can’t check its code right now. But the above code is the ATOM AR2 E27 that I bought and was shipped to me. Is it possible you took the codes from the wrong order? My invoice number was INV18010013.

In any case, the two cameras that you mentioned are not affiliated with me. Is it possible to add iCRa0bb8i to one of my two platinum plans? And as soon as I am in Dubai and can check the code on the other camera I will write to put that one on my other platinum plan.

Best regards,


2018-03-22 05:31:35****************************************
I need to travel and would really like to have my camera working today. Please, can you remove either of the cameras currently on the platinum plans and add iCRa0bb8i? This is the latest AR2 that I purchased directly from you, it is installed in my house and I need it working while I am away. Is it possible to activate the plan for it today?
Thank you.

2018-03-22 05:49:47****************************************
Ah yes. I just had to go into settings and back out. Thank you!! Much appreciated.

by Derek sheeler

Dear Derek, thank you for kind inquiry. The cloud service is a prepay base service, that is, the payment has been distributed to all partners and providers- not refundable. Therefore, would you please purchase the cameras ASAP, and we can transfer the subscription to the new camera IDs ASAP? Thank you for kind understanding. We can cancel it now, but this period paid is done for the future services, the cancellation is to secure no any further fee or charges. Thank you.

Thank you. Yes, if you know both old and new camera AMID numbers, it is the ID we set the camera cloud service. If you do not remember old AMIDs, it is fine :
1. Provide the new Camera AMID/Invoice numbers
2. Provide old invoice numbers or the gmail account registered,
we can search it for you. Once we find the old camera ID, we
will transfer the subscriptions to the new cameras provided.

Thank yoiu

Got it. We will process it and confirm to you in 1~2 workings. Thank you.

Dear Derek, thank you for kind informing. We have checked and reset it again. Please let us know if it works good now (moved to the new cameras). Thank you.

The new cameras bought and shipped should be:
ATOM White*1 - iCRa0eo2t
ATOM AR2 White E27*1 - iCRa0bc5y
These two cameras carry the subscriptions now by the request last time. Do not know this iCRa0bb8i one. Please kindly enlighten us again. Thanks

Dear Derek, please kindly check the APP setting. The iCRa0bb8i should be enabled with the platinum yesterday as confirmed.

The other camera in UAE should be iCRa0eo2t, also was enabled too. Let us know later if it is. Thank you.

You are welcome. Have a safe and nice trip.