Answer of your leaving message
Hello, I use the camera to monitor my baby's room using the Amaryllo app on my ipad. However it seems like the app exits frequently after 5-10 minutes and I will have to relaunch it. Sometimes it loses connection and when I reconnect it gives me an error. Can you please let me know why it is doing that? It is frustrating having to re-click all the time and I simply cannot rely on it at night as it will quit midnight and I will not hear any noises/crying my baby is making.

by Gillian

Dear Gillian, thank you for contacting. This symptom is caused by 3 times internet connection failures, so APP closes the action.
(normally, error code 15)
Therefore, please use the speedtest app to check the internet status both for iPad and Camera location to see if the upload speed is > 2M. If necessary, we may need to apply the wifi repeater for it to ensure the stability.

There are three work-arounds, but not sure if it helps:
1. Change the phone notification sound louder and longer in
Amaryllo app setting for audio sensor once triggered.
2. Apply the APP-Setting-Viewer-> Browser-> PC/NB Web live view
A.In Amaryllo App- under MISCELLANEOUS– Viewers list-> + ->
Name the viewer name-> Select Browser(Multiple) ->
AMID/Passcode generated
[ View only, no administration right at all for both App
and Browser users / multiple means different computer to
log in / single means only one can access ]-> get the
B. Go to (Firefox)
Add a camera (left)-> input AMID and Passcode-> Done (
this page can be added up to 7 cameras, FYI )
C. Apply an Android device to get the camera admin authority
from iPad to try few days to see if better
Hope this helps. Thank you